Thursday, 12 July 2012


Dresden Railway Station
2 May 2012
Dresden was badly damaged in WW11 so we were keen to see Dresden 70 years later.
When the Iron Curtain came down in 1989 Germany agreed to restore Eastern Germany over the next 30 years. Dresden is a lovely city now and as one travels around it is very hard to imagine the damage it suffered, as the buildings have been restored to their original design and look.  It has taken many years for that work to have been completed.

Roman Catholic Cathedral built 1738, destroyed in WW11 and restored 1980.  The old Palace now Museums

Lutheran Cathedral built 1726 - 1743, destroyed WW11.  Reconstruction began 1994 and completed 2005 with Martin Luther Monument (left)

Zwinger Palace built 1710 - 1732
Semper Opera House Built 1836, reopened 1985

Church of the Holy Cross restored 1955

Academy of Fine Arts built 1894, destroyed WW11, restored 1991

Dresden is home of Volkswagen's Manufacturing Plant & Showroom, famour for its glass structure.

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