Monday, 2 July 2012

Nuremberg and home

7 May 2012
We put our cases into a locker at the Railway Station and set out to see Nuremberg in 4 hours.
The world has heard a lot about Nuremberg for its famous War Criminal Trials.  A lovely German city surrounded by huge City Walls and Palace.  There were three large Churches closeby that had been beautifully restored after the WW11.  Most other buildings were about 4 storey high with steep roofs and attics.
Fortified Imperial Walls, Nuremberg

St Sebald Lutheran Church built 1215, destroyed WW11 and reconstructed 1957

Church of Our Lady (Roman Catholic) built 1355 as the Imperial Chapel

Holy Spirit Hospital & Pegnitz River, Nuremberg
St Lawrence Lutheran Church built 1243 - 1315, destroyed WW11 and reconstructed 1952

Our train pulled into Nuremberg and we took it direct to Frankfurt Airport. At times we travelled at 245km/hr but then there were times we went quite slow.  We wondered at the value of a fast train!
To pull into the Airport Station and just an escalator to a higher level was very convenient. Oh to have such a convenience in Melbourne!

Frankfurt Railway Station with just an esculator up a level to Frankfurt Airport

Our flight to Singapore left at 10.30pm. With lights out at midnight for 8 hours we woke refreshed.
It was 5pm the next day in Singapore.  After a 3 hour wait at Changi Airport we were boarding our plane, but there were two unexpected delays to our departure.  Firstly there was an extra suitcase on board which had to be rectified and then it was announced there was something on the runway and a security vehicle was going to investigate. Finally we were ready to lift off one and a half hours later. Soon it was lights off for 5 hours so time to rest again.

9 May 2012
Darren was there to meet us.  It was breakfast at Albert Park with the family and finally made it home where we were greeted by Tiger the cat.
A great month away.

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